Danmark anno 1692

ALL these [the Condition, Customs, and Temper of the People] do so necessarily depend upon, and are influenced by the Nature and Change of Government, that ’tis easily imagined, the present Condition [enevælde] of these People of all Ranks must be most deplorable; at least it appears so to an English man, who sees it, possibly more then to them that suffer it: for Slavery, like a sickly Constitution, grows in time so habitual, that it seems no Burden nor Disease; it creates a kind of laziness, and idle despondency, which puts Men beyond hopes and fears: it mortifies Ambition, Emulation, and other troublesome, as well as active qualities, which Liberty and Freedom beget; and instead of them affords only a dull kind of Pleasure of being careless and insensible.

Fra An account of Denmark as it was in the year 1692, af Robert Molesworth (første linjer af kap. 8).

Så kan man jo spekulere over, hvor meget der reelt har ændret sig, her mange år senere.

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