I har nok fanget den allerede, via andre kanaler, men den er bare for vigtig til at blive overset. Den gode Hr. Ziegler skriver en klimaproblemerne som fortolket af Rajendra Pachauri, der er formand for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Og det er uhyggelig læsning. Et par citater fra politike.. uhm videnskabsmanden:

  • the capitalist drive for greater and greater consumerism as a self defeating system
  • There is, of course, also a need for reorienting the mindsets of adults
  • we may just become collectively conscious of changes that are needed to be brought about

Oh no you don’t. Not on my shift! Try and reorient my mindset and I shall reorient your face, Mr. Pachauri.

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