Følgende havnede i min indbakke på en eller anden måde. Jeg savner flere portrætter af frie samfund, så det lyder fedt:
“Dear Friend,
The promise of America… the Land of the Free… is being destroyed by our leviathan government’s march toward destruction. The fiat money, never ending bail-outs, multi-trillion dollar deficits for empire abroad and entitlements at home are propelling the government into bankruptcy. The freedom we have left is being smothered as the fearful masses call for government to save them.
But times of crisis are times of opportunity. Will America choose a future Despot holding out false promises of salvation? Or will it choose a new vision of freedom? While the politicians plot and plan to seize this opportunity to remake America into another Socialist Republic, those of us who believe in liberty need to broadcast our vision of what America could and should be: a truly free society.
As libertarians, we know we have the intellectual foundation. Although we have the ideas and the best and brightest minds have shown that liberty works, we have utterly failed to convince our fellow man. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then what would a film series that shows how a truly free society could evolve… peacefully… from the ashes of collapsed Government be worth? Priceless.
We are producing such a series and we need you to join us now before it’s too late. Anarchy in America is a pathbreaking series of webisodes… short episodes designed for Internet sharing. This is the most controversial internet/television series ever conceived, fleshing out in stirring action a new paradigm of freedom.
Prophetic as well as realistic, Anarchy in America is a speculative fiction series set in 2013. The American economy has collapsed. Martial law is declared by a government dissolving into chaos. In a small coastal community in California, a band of colorful residents rally together to solve social problems from looting to feeding the elderly. This is not utopia but flawed characters struggling to make their community work, battling each other and the remnants of government while building voluntary institutions for currency, charity, protection, and more. But even as freedom takes root, the government returns. State agents with guns demand taxes and obedience. And, then, a tank rolls down the center of Main Street; the federal government has reconstituted.
Delivering the vision. Each webisode is approximately seven minutes in length and will be released on www.anarchy.tv in two week intervals. Each set of twelve episodes (approximately 88 minutes) is structured like a three-act feature film, with the first twelve serving as a movie-length TV pilot. This allows us to consolidate each set of webisodes into movie-length DVDs, with extras, to market to a wide audience. The length and structure also allows them to be broadcast on cable TV.
Sky Conway is the President of Renegade Studios. He is the creator, writer and producer of the award-winning web film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. His ability to create high-quality entertainment on a minuscule budget led to his production of Walter Koenig’s script “InAlienable.” With decades of commitment to freedom, Sky is more than prepared to create, write and produce the first libertarian web series,
Anarchy in America.
Visit www.anarchy.tv to learn more about this cultural phenomenon in which you can participate. The password is GotLiberty.
Best regards,
Joyce Brand
Vice President, Renegade Studios

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