Den bristiske biskop Stephen Lowe siger ifølge BBC: “The government isn’t telling people who are already deep in debt to stop overextending themselves, but instead is urging us to spend more. That is morally suspect and morally feeble. It is unfair and irresponsible of the government to put pressure on the public to spend in order to revive the economy… In other words an over commitment by people to the money markets, to massive personal debt, over commitment in relation to their mortgages and a housing market dependent on people trying to buy property sometimes which they actually can’t really afford. It’s as if no lessons have been learned from what’s happened.”
En talskvinde fra regeringen afviser naturligvis: “The government has a strong record of helping people out of poverty. We have also made record increases in the amount invested in public services over the last decade.”
Ja, det skal nok virke.

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