Clinten om Dirty Harry-filmene

“The police were not held in great favour particularly, the Miranda decisions had come down [forcing police to read arrested suspects their rights], people were thinking about the plight of the accused. I thought, ‘Let’s do a picture about the plight of the victim.'”

…og om sin nye film

There are actually echoes of Dirty Harry in Changeling, Eastwood says, and he’s not making any concessions to liberals: “I get a kick out of it because the judge convicts the killer to two years in solitary confinement, and then to be hanged. In 1928 they said: ‘You can spend two years thinking about it and then we’re going to kill you.’ Nowadays they’re sitting there worrying about how putting a needle in is a cruel and unusual punishment, the same needle you would have if you had a blood test.”

Og mange andre guldkorn i resten af interviewet…

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